Stacy Jain

Evolving Health Landscape

My Message

Healthcare continues to undergo radical transformation, and the rate of change is accelerating across every type of organization in the field. Politics and legislation, technical and scientific developments, and shifts in consumer thinking and expectations are creating greater uncertainty, clouding one’s ability to clearly see the future for hospitals, health systems, and other organizations.

As a venture strategist, I am driving intellectual investments to new joint ventures by developing specific insights, strategies and assessing high-priority opportunities to reimagine the delivery of healthcare.

I am engaged as a healthcare advisor to investment portfolio strategies as well as providing insights on how to apply AI, digital transformations and blockchain solutions to healthcare delivery systems.


My vision is to build a global army of health innovators on the blockchain, forming an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, leading researchers, mentors, investors, and companies to facilitate collaboration and easier scaling of new solutions.

My other passion is to implement an agile transformation strategy to enable the business to quickly adapt, make investments at the right places and to improve speed to market while maintaining a productive work environment and a fun team culture.


I am a thought provoker for organizations to evolve as fast as their environment. I am best at framing problems, asking provocative questions, and move the organization to action.

I believe understanding healthcare provider and patient needs and motivations is key to influencing consumer behavior through stories and experiences.

I excel at facilitating conversations within multilayered and complex organizations, create coalitions, and to seek out diverse inputs.

As a strategist, I must develop accessible, integrated systems of
care, assembled through new means, such as partnerships and technology.

I can deliver valuable insights and better decisions by identifying the best tools to collect, interpret, and communicate information.